For Steampunks, By Steampunks!

Meet Dr Brassy Steamington and her Partner in Steam, Aether!

We know Steampunk. Dr Brassy began making in the Steam Theme way back in 1986 and has been providing her Art to everyone from Children, to Celebrities to Charity Auctions to Grandparents. Aether is the madman of CNC, Computer Graphics and 3D printing. Between the two, we have experience in every medium you can imagine, and then some.

We decided to bring the materials we use in our own work to the Steam Loving masses by opening Steampunk Jewelry Supply Store. Here you will find USA Brass with many custom plating finishes like Ox, Copper, Bronze Shimmer, Red Ox, White Chalk and our fine real Sterling Silver plate that makes the pieces look like solid Sterling Silver.

A note on raw brass and Sterling plate. ALWAYS seal your raw brass when finished. Brass ages/oxidizes over time but when sealed with a clear product, it will remain lovely and golden. Since our Sterling Silver is real silver plate, it will also oxidize over time. It can be brought back to a lovely bright silver finish with a shine cloth, or you can seal it for ease of care for years.

Enjoy finding everything you need, right her, in one place for your Maker needs! You can also find unique gifts and finished products, always made by Hand, right here in Oregon by Dr Brassy and Aether.

In e-Steam~

For Steampunks, by Steampunks!